2017 Tomato Harvest Data

2017 was my second year with tomatoes. You can see last years data here.

Totals for 2017 May 6th through Sept 14th
Total weight: 127.75lbs (57,948grams)
Total count: 808 Tomatoes
Average lbs/day: 127.75/131 = .975
Average count/day: 6.17

Graph of quantity by tomato variety. 

This year we started with 11 plants purchased at TomatoMania! and two plants given to us by our neighbors. Our first harvest was almost a month earlier than last year starting on May 6th with our Carmello plant that survived over the winter. However the harvest was almost the exact same weight as 2016 despite another plant and longer period. This year we grew some sauce/canning varieties which we did not do in 2016. 

The Gardeners Delight and Forth of July both died early to mid July. I think this was a combination of lack of water and blight from the Carmello that made it through the winter which had succumb to blight by mid May. This year all the plants will be removed for fall/winter planting to help avoid this diseases for next year.

Additional charts and graphs from my garden and two other gardens in LA can be found here