2016 Tomato Harvest Data

2016 was my first real year with tomatoes. I've had a few here and there before, but 2016 I set off with a more serious venture. I started with 12 plants purchased at TomatoMania! on March 19th, 2016 and then went into the raised beds shortly after that.

Our first harvest was on June 2nd, 2016 and I stopped recording data on Sept 14th, 2016. At that point I pulled all the plants that didn't have any flowers or tomatoes. This left 2 behind, a Camp Joy and a Carmello. These have been producing continually through out the winter, while not as good as the summer, still nice to have home grown tomatoes all year long.

Each time we harvested any fruit, we'd count the number per plant and the weight. All this data was logged. Below is the data from this years harvest.

Totals for 2016 June 2 through Sept 14th
Total weight: 126.79lbs (57,515grams)
Total count: 1967 Tomatoes
Average lbs/day: 126.79/105 = 1.21
Average count/day: 18.73
Camp Joy quantity: 548
Camp Joy weight: 24lbs
SuperSweet 100 quantity: 638
SuperSweet 100 weight: 9.03lbs
Blue Boar quantity: 397
Blue Boar weight: 5.59lbs
Berkeley Tie Dye: quantity: 22
Berkeley Tie Dye: weight: 7.09lbs
Pork Chop quantity: 46
Pork Chop weight: 13.08lbs
Brad's Black Heart quantity: 27
Brad's Black Heart weight: 11.89lbs
Carmello quantity: 84
Carmello weight: 20.92lbs
Black Brown Boar quantity: 76
Black Brown Boar weight: 5.97lbs
Paul Robeson-Russian quantity: 29
Paul Robeson-Russian weight: 6.66lbs
Pink Ox Heart quantity: 68
Pink Ox Heart weight: 10.56lbs
Purple Cherokee quantity: 20
Purple Cherokee weight: 5.12lbs
Kellogg's Breakfast quantity: 12
Kellogg's Breakfast weight: 6.57lbs