My First Bike Frame!

I've been interested in building a bicycle frame for awhile. I took some MIG welding classes from Molten Metal Works a few years ago and talked with them about a frame building class. Come 2017 I saw they were offering their first one and signed up. We'd be making a basic lugged frame bicycle.

We ordered the lugs and tubing from Nova Cycles Supply and they showed up in less than a week. 

After design the frame geometry and size we cleaned up the lugs and mitered the tubes to fit together. 


Once the tubes were mitered everything started to dry fit together nicely. 


Next came the brazing. It was my first time using a oxyacetylene torch and brazing and after practicing on some scrap metal we got to work on the frame. Being my first time, so some of the joints got a little chowdered up, but the silver flowed through the joints which is what counts. 


Once the front triangle was brazed together we moved onto the rear triangle. 


Once the rear triangle was brazed into place we moved onto the brake bridge and accessories. Ran into a little trouble getting the cable guides to stay in place, but eventually they were all situated. Even added mounts for a rear rack.


Going to try to get it out for media blasting and powdering coating this week. 9/16/2017 and hopefully give it a test ride in a few weeks!